Feral Children, Raised By Wild Animals 

This will be my first repost, but I felt that this needed to be shared. WARNING: It is a bit of an eye opener…

Feral Children, Raised By Wild Animals

Click above to view!

In the article above, you will see a set of posed pictures, representing the real life stories of Children who were raised by animals. This left many of them unable to fully integrate into human society, when they are as the author says “released” from their foster families.

“With no interest in human interaction… Amaya died the year after they were captured…”

I’ll let that last word sink in.

It raises some interesting discussions. For instance, when they were found, and taken from the group of animals they had been living with, were they rescued from some dangerous living circumstances/ creatures or were they kidnapped from what the author describes to be their (foster) family?

I would be interested to hear your views in the comments…

With this being a photography blog, I thought I had better talk about the pictures!

Julia Fullerton-Batten’s (photographer) portfolio here shows off an incredibly imaginative set of works that clearly show each child’s story.

I find the pictures to be very stunning. Not only by the unsettling nature of the content, but also by the way that she places her subjects within the frame. This has been done so cleverly so as to bring the animalistic character of the children to the forefront of the image. She does this so expertly that I had to reread the article to make sure I had seen the word: “posed” !!!

A truly awe-inspiring set of pictures encouraging us to see a clear picture of the children’s upbringing, combined with the enviability of controversy and thought-provoking discussion.

Thank you for this, and great pictures Julia!

Feral Children, Raised By Wild Animals

Let me know your thoughts on the pictures and the article in the comments below! 

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