Could your phone be taking better photos?

Are you an avid photographer with a super high standards? Or maybe more of an avid ‘selfie-er’ ? It doesn’t matter. If you take photos with your phone, then like me, you could be thankful to have your phone’s camera settings maxed out! Read on to find out how you can avoid photos like this one…


I left my camera at home yesterday as I didn’t want to trail around my camera with the lenses, bag etc…

It was only when I passed a clearing that I realised the time. I was out for a walk at golden hour, (as the sun sets, and the fields go lovely and golden) and had left my camera at home.



It got me thinking… I was reading an article in a camera magazine recently. A professional photographer was going on about using his phone as a secondary camera…

I have tried putting this idea into practice in the past, but I have been disappointed by the hype about modern day inbuilt phone cameras. However – if these are good enough for the professionals, then I am missing something…

And there was.

Here are some of the more disappointing photos taken by my “Hi-Quality” smartphone camera (Sony Z2)




Disappointing, right?

I found a manual camera setting (or app), and so had a go. The functionality was minimal, and as I expected, the results were very poor.

However, playing around with the settings, I found something that shocked me. The phone (Sony z2) has a total of 20.7 mega pixels, however the default for the phone on manual mode was only 8!


To change this: (on Sony phones)
Camera > Manual (app) > settings > Resolution > [Largest] Megapixels

Other Phones: I would seriously recommend going through your camera settings and see if you can increase your resolution, image size/ quality/ file type (RAW is best if you have appropriate software)

I can only assume that Sony has set this, as the phone’s performace is much less stable or speedy, when the mega pixel setting is reduced. Is this the same for all phone manufacturers? It might be worth having a look… I will certainly be using the phone’s camera a great deal more going forward. This leaves me begging the question – Sony: Why did you not consult me about this earlier? As a user, I would have appreciated the option I was setting up the phone? I COULD have used the camera a great deal more!

After having changed this setting, I got some really cool shots of Aberdeenshire Countryside at golden hour. Check them out below…





The position of the clouds near the sun/ horizon, coupled with the empty blue sky directly above created a prolonged sense of golden hour. You can see this in the picture below…


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4 thoughts on “Could your phone be taking better photos?

  1. To me, It’s a world of wonder exploring the capabilities the smartphone camera is able to pull off. However, the only drawback I see if you maximise the camera settings is that you max out disk space very quickly (and we know how important disk space is to us with apps and all!). I had to moderate some give and take before settling for 6M on my Samsung S6 instead of its maximum16M. Hence, I just shoot food pictures close up to enhance its colours from a perspective that viewers who see it will feel like taking a bite as well.


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