Pylons: Are they really unsightly though?

During my student days I lived in the heart of the city of Aberdeen, in Northern Scotland…

It was great to go to uni in such a small city – everything was so close: Friends’ flats, local amenities, and lets face it, student pubs.

However, during my time here, I found that I had started missing the suburban landscapes of my childhood. The space. The smell. The quiet.


When Sophie and I moved to the country a couple of months ago, we got everything back, and so much more. This was definitely the best decision for us. I absolutely love it here. It is also great for photos…

As usual, we found a small 4-5 space carpark, then went through a rusty gate, on through the trees, and up a hill. We came to a clearing, and were faced with what many people might deem as being an “unsightly invasion” of beauty… or maybe something less dramatic, I don’t know.


There was a massive pylon that split the lovely countryside in two. My countryside. The greenery, space, and distance from the city that I had wanted for so long. Despite everything, it actually did not bother me. Why? It took most of the walk to realise why… On our way back to the car, the sun was in a special point in the sky where it cut through the trees, lighting up the fields with that that extreme yellow colour that happens when the sun is highest in the sky. It dawned on me:- The pylons are not so ugly when you think of them as a hint of human life in the countryside; in the same way that a unkempt garden may distract from the city, when it is simply nature’s influence.

For me, I enjoyed the view, as it was simply a reminder of our previous life in the city. 



Since the pylon is such a controversial invention, I wanted to show it from both perspectives: An intrusion of a beautiful countryside landscape, and a wonderfully subtle, yet bold architectural contortion of metal and cable. I have tried to emulate this respect for how the man made object has become a part of the Scottish Landscape. I hope I have been able to show my engagement with the sheer size of the pylons, showing them both as dominating designs, and as subtle reminders of human presence.

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